'Forget fusty concert halls, the future of music is emerging in a municipal Car Park' (The Times, 2011)

'Anyone who doubts the value of music education should get down to this concrete jungle and watch its effects in action' (The Telegraph, 2014)

'The response was ecstatic, and it deserved to be' (The New York Times, 2015)

'Heroically conducted by Christopher Stark…left ears ringing and spirits leaping' (The Observer, 2014)

'***** A remarkable feat' (The Telegraph, 2015)

'Where are classical music's next generations of listeners? They were there, before us, a thousand of them' (The Arts Desk, 2011)

'No gimmicks, not even a spoken introduction, just raucous applause when the conductor Christopher Stark arrived at his music stand and hard, keen listening from the shocked, fascinated and enchanted crowd who came to listen' (Gramophone, 2014)

'Absolutely incredible. Unsurprisingly, there is an ecstatic response'
(Classic FM, 2014)

In both 2015 and 2016 Multi-Story was shortlisted for an RPS Award for an outstanding initiative to engage audiences with classical music.